Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Milo’s vocabulary at 18 months

Papá (dad)
Nonno (grandpa)
Nonna (grandma)
Anto (Antoine)
Bibe (milk bottle)
Pappa (food)
Ace, for grazie (thank you)
Nano, for naso (nose)
Nanna (to sleep)
Tenda (curtain)
Pesce (fish)
Uva (grapes)
Ape (bee)
Bambino (kid)
Ciao Ciao
Vasca (tub)
Doccia (shower)
Etto, for cubetto (little cube)
Mela (apple)
Torta (cake)
Barca (boat)
Due (two)

Bye bye
Op (finished)
Ashblee, for alsjellieft (please)
Ja (yes)
Noc (again)
Batch, for bard (beard)
Kat (cat)

Au revoir

A boir (to drink)
Nounou (nanny)
Doudou (staffed animal)

Balle (ball)
Bateaux (boat)
Anco (encore)
Dodo (to sleep)

Other onomatopoeic sounds:

  • PAA-POO-PAA-POO (to indicate the sound of the fire tracks siren)
  • BAU (the bark of a dog in Italian)
  • MIAO (the cat noise)
  • Cucú!
  • Tuuu-Tuuuu (train noise)
  • NNNNNoooooooooo!
  • A-ta-tá (to call his friend Antoine)
  • TA-TA (to call his nanny Tamou)
  • MMMHWA! (To blow kisses)
  • A-bu-bu (?)
  • Wroom wroom (make the car noise)
  • Peeh Peeh (to imitate the car horn)
  • AAAM! (to imitate a lion eating)
  • Imitates the rocket ascending in the sky


Anonymous said...

Whenever my 19 month old daughter sees George W. Bush on tv, she says, with perfect pronunciation, "stupid." Now that's a smart baby. Good girl!!

Alice in Austria said...

WOW, he is doing really well!! I am totally amazed by how much he knows! A lot more than my daughter at the same age. Congratulations!! Keeping a diary like this is a good idea, later on it's going to be really amusing to read what words they said when (and how) ;)

Clo said...

Anonymous, how do you say "stupid" in Chinese?!

Sophie, it's hard to keep up! He learns new words every day, he's such a parrot! But for the moment we are simply relieved that he's developing in parallel in all be continued!

giovanni said...

I wrote a comment on your next (i.e., previous) post. If you wonder how I arrived at your blog, we both like Antonio Tabucchi. I discovered Tabucchi by picking up a book in a bookstore in Montpellier and reading its first page I was immediately captivated. So my first reading experience with Tabucchi was in French. Somehow, I like the French translation more than the Italian original. Is this because I first learned French (at school and by going to France) and then Spanish (not at school but just by trying to speak and read it)? Or is it because I like the word "prétend" more than "sostiene"? Talking about this essential word in Tabucchi's novel "Sostiene Pereira" I like the Dutch "verklaart" the least. Not because I am Dutch but because of another reason that has to do with the subtlety of language and the way you appropriate it. It has also to do with my sensitivity to sound.
In my other comment I talk about my (our) daughter who learned (?) to distinguish between the sound of Italian, Spanish and French at a very young age; I'll send you a picture of my daughter and me by e-mail.
Un saludo, Giovanni.

Clo said...

Danke for your comments Giovanni, very interesting case!

Do you speak dutch to you daughter? And may I ask you where do you live, which one is the environmental language?

Tabucchi is indeed an exquisite author...

giovanni said...

I live in Amsterdam and we speak Dutch at home. Funny, I look down at the "word verification" and see that I have to type "gelkoud"... Indeed, I am supposed to live in country where it is "geel koud", very cold, pronounced with a Spanish accent. The only way Spanish and other languages have entered our home is through my inclination to voice short phrases in other languages and through visitors. That's all. And obviously, like many Dutch people, we have spent holidays in other countries. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I will be a regular visitor of yours, in any of the languages you use, but I have to warn you that my Italian is very poor and full of errors -- even though I hope one day it will be the language I speak best of all the foreign languages.