Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Expanding the family

On Christmas Eve, we shared the news over the phone with the rest of the family in Italy and Belgium:

"Milo, tell the grandparents what's in here!"I asked, tapping on my belly.
"Bebéeeeeeeee!" screamed enthusiastically our little wonder.

And so the adventure continues: Milo is getting a little sibling this summer! We are again excited and scared, joyful and terrorized , all at once, just like for the first time. Milo has been informed from the very beginning; he knows and understand what a bebé is. He probably does not get the full picture yet, but he has been incredibly attentive and tender, kissing my belly and saying "CIAO, CIAO!" to this bebé!

At the same time, seeing how he can be jealous if I pay attention to his friend Antoine, I am preparing myself for a big jealousy crisis!

In terms of the pregnanacy, so far so good, the first trimester is over, I survived nausea and blues (which I didn't have for Milo) and I feel back in my shoes.

Looking forward to another Multi Tongue Kid!


giovanni said...

Ah, qué lindo! Dos años despues del nacimiento de nuestra hija nació nuestro hijo... qué grande felicità... Ma anche the jealousy (è inglese?) came, and I could send you a picture of my daughter in her little room, which shows what jealousy can do. I'm sorry for mixing up languages, but I just came from an hour writing and thinking in Spanish.
Looking forward to more stories about Milo and the next MT kid.
Saluti, Giovanni

Alice in Austria said...

Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting!!!!! :) When exactly is the baby due?
About jealousy ... as with everything else, kids are different. People also warned me and I expected the worst, but then it turned out that this wasn't really as bad as I feared. I bought lots of books ahead of time to "be prepared", you know, and I haven't even opened them until now. Isabella showed very little jealousy when Dominik was born. For a while she was very cranky towards US (never to the baby, though,) but that was over soon. She's as sweet as ever to him, very "motherly". You can also influence a lot by including Milo whenever you can (like changing diapers, make Milo bring the diaper, the cream etc), letting him help when you bathe the baby and let him hold the bottle. I also read a lot of picture books to her on little children getting a sibling. I think this helped her prepare in advance so by the time the baby came it wasn't a big a deal.

Well, in the meantime I hope that you have a good pregnancy, hopefully without morning sickness etc!

Clo said...

Thank you kindly, Giovanni and Alice! I look forward to your advises as well!

Juliet said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! :-) Seems everyone is having more babies. And I'm still not sure if I want another one yet. heh

Eddie Lin said...

My sister just had her baby boy yesterday. Another multi tongue baby is here!

Lilian said...

I don't know why I haven't commented/ visited more often before, since I always "see" you at Alice's blog, anyway, I should be back more often now!

Well... I guess a lot of the jealousy depends on both the age difference and the gender of the children. My sister-in-law has this theory that if the oldest child is a girl, it's much easier, because girls treat the baby as a doll and are very protective.

Well, I have two boys who are 2 years 3 months apart, and it's not easy, I'll tell you... Both are jealous of each other. We can "talk" about that more later, since you have several months before you will effectively have two of them!