Monday, July 09, 2007

Milo teaches Italian to his Dad

[This is a year-old entry from when Zeno was born, which I never got to publish...but it has become part of the family lexicon, so here it is!]

During my 'leave of absence' at the clinic following Zeno's birth, Milo and his dad got to spend a lot of time together. A heat wave stroke in those days and the Belgianite was preoccupied with the liquid intake of his son, proposing him all sorts of drinks regularly. One of the house summer favourite is mint syrup dissolved in water, a classic from my childhood. We call it simply 'acqua e menta.'

The Belgianite kept on proposing to Milo:
"Wilt u acqua e mente?" (which, from the original do you want water and mint, suddenly becomes water and mind or water and (he) lies !)
Milo said a few times: "Ja, papa, acqua e menta."
"Did you like your acqua e mente?" replied once again the Belgianite.
Milo looked at him seriously and stressed: "Papa: acqua e men...TA!"


giovanni said...

Quisiera tener un hijo como el tuyo para que corrige mi povero italiano (mijn arme Italiaans)! Ma sono contento con il mio figlio, naturellement !

Lilian said...

I LOVE this one!! My oldest son is just like that, he corrects us all the time. Good thing my English is better than his ;)

The words mean EXACTLY the same in Portuguese (menta - mint, mente - [he] lies or mind)... Italian is just so beautiful and I'm so glad I can understand most of it!!