Friday, July 07, 2006

The last name saga

Thank you all for the precious inputs and advise regarding the last name issue, they all helped me a great deal in my decision making process. So, finally I decided to go ahead and indeed attach my last name to the Belgianite's for the boys. Zeno is already registered with both and Milo is currently being modified. I hesitated until the last moment... and then, on June 30 in the morning, I simply saw it clearly in my head. The Belgianite ran to the city hall 15 minutes before deadline and made it! I love him dearly for that, too!


Lilian said...

I'm glad you reached a decision and that you guys were able to act on it, even if it was at the very last minute! Better late than never :)

O. said...

I just ran across this and though you've made you decision I thought I'd add that I grew up with a hyphenated last name (my mom's first then my dad's) and never had any problems in the States to speak of. I'm happy that my parents made that choice. In the States I had several friends with double last names, and even one whose parents combined their (short) last names into one word! I ran into problems when I came to live in France because my birth certificate and passport list my mom's last name as my middle name and the authorities didn't get it... so I gave up for simplicity's sake. But as long as it's official, I don't think you'll run into too many problems, and your kids will appreciate having the choice later!

Eddie Lin said...

Hey, who won the World Cup?

Congratulations on your new boy Zeno and your new surnames and hernames. ; )