Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mars & Venus

I recently witnessed my first reassuring preview of my boy’s maleness; we went to the usual park one afternoon, where he met two lovely sisters he regularly plays with and gets along with just fine. This time Constance and Anne-Berangere were playing with another older girl, who was manipulating them into being bad witches. As Milo approached them to play along, they begun chasing him away repeatedly, blowing like kittens; I got closer to understand what was going on and I heard the older girl saying:

"On est les mechantes sorcieres, nous!" (We are the nasty witches! Watch out!)

To which Milo pulls a very aggressive face and replys:

"Et moi, j’ai deux moteurs!" (And I have two engines!)

The French girls, rather baffled, did not know much what to reply. I had no clue what he meant either, and I kept picking my brain, until I remebered that at the moment his favourite DVD is the Disney movie 'Cars' !

Men are definitely from Mars and women from Venus from the very beginning !


Samantha said...

A friend of mine home schools her children and they never watch TV, yet the other day, her youngest started using a stick as a gun and making rat-a-tat-tat noises. They are the most non-vilolent family I know and her one year old has never been exposed to guns, but yet he still did it. They were just baffled.

Brikebrok said...

You're quite right, I can see that often with my children : boys and girls come from different planets !...and girls are somehow much more naughty than boys (la malizia ...)

Alice in Austria said...

It's totally interesting, isn't it? Having a girl and a boy I'm certain they come from different planets! (Niki plays with cars, Isabella with dolls. We tried to give Niki a doll and Isabella a car but to no avail!) :)

Martina said...

Hello Clo!

Many Compliments for your Blog, it's really interesting and you are truly a gifted writer!!



Lilian said...

I love this story!! It's pretty amazing how they're hardwired. Too bad I don't have a girl so I can see that up close :(

My boys loved cars since they were little babies... Kelvin does like dolls, up to a certain point :) (after a while he likes to just throw them like balls).