Friday, December 14, 2007

Milo's first letter to Santa

Caro Babbo Natale,

quest'anno sono stato bene, ho giocato, ho fatto tante belle cose; poi tu vieni a mi comprare tutte le cose perche' Zeno non puo' avere dei cadoci, e' troppo piccolo e li puo' rompere, i giocattoli, Babbo Natale.

Puoi entrare da 3 camini, se vuoi puoi passare da quello nella nostra cameretta.

Per favore, Babbo Natale, io vorrei tre cose: 1 barca, 1 mappamondo, e 1 calendario di Cars. Puoi portare un Peter Pan a Zeno?
E vorrei anche un Spiderman per Mamma e Papa' , Babbo Natale.

Buon viaggio, salutaci le renne, e grazie mille che mi porti 3 cadoci per me e 1 Peter Pan per Zeno.

Milo (3 and 1/2)


Dear Santa,

this year I've been well, I played and I did many great things. Then you come to get us all the toys, because Zeno cannot have presents yet: he's too tiny and he can break the toys, Santa.

We have 3 fireplaces you can enter from; if you wish, you can use the one in my room.

Please Santa, I'd like 3 things: 1 boat, 1 worldplan and 1 Cars calender.

Can you please bring a Peter Pan for Zeno? and also a Spiderman for Mum and Dad, Santa.

Have a nice trip, say "Hi" to the raindeers, and thank you very much for bringing 3 gifts for me and 1 Peter Pan for Zeno.



Lilian said...

Aawww, this is BEYOND CUTE!!! Wait a minute, he's 3 1/2? then he's exactly Linton's age!

Eddie Lin said...


I think you've been a very good little boy Milo. I will give you the gifts you asked for. I won't forget Zeno's Peter Pan toy either. Thank you for being a good boy this year. As for your mother, she's been very, very bad and needs therapy.

Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad. Is that enough tongue for this blog??? Hohoheehaa!!

Lilian said...

I forgot to say that I can't stand the name "Santa Claus" -- aren't "Babbo Natale," "Père Nöel," and "Papai Noel" (in Brazil) just so much better, beautiful, and familiar? "Santa" sounds actually hilarious to my Brazilian years since it means "female saint"!!! :)

If I don't find the time to come back before next week, have a wonderful Christmas, and I add "Feliz Natal" to Eddie's list of greetings!! :)

santi d said...

Welcome back, Clo!!! Nice to read your postings again. Milo is very cute ... especially the part about Zeno :D.

tya said...

thx... nice themea