Monday, October 13, 2008

Back issues (again)...

I have been dealing with a hernia in my lower back for the last two years, alternating bearable periods with unbearabl ones. This summer I reached the last drop of unbearableness, and upon our return to Paris from the holidays I have been finally operated. The operation per se is rather common and not particularly complicated...the immediate afterwards I do not wish to my worse enemy...and then I had to simply lay in bed and rest as much as possible, not an unwelcomed recommendation, but one that has once again deprived me from my blogging activities, not to mention complicated unnecessarily our daily life and organization; the good news is that I am doing much better, the pain is gone and I hope to resume to a normal life very soon. With lots of insights on my blooming MTKs!


giovanni said...

Did you read? What did you read? Montalbano? Brunetti (o no te gusta Donna Leon)? Sciascia? Bassani? Silvio D'Arzo? Flaubert? What US author would you recommend me? In France, Portbail, near the beach, I read Faulner's Light in August -- I liked it, but less than I had hoped. I rarely read US authors and I rarely see US movies... I rather prefer Italian authors and movie makers. And you?

I hope you will enjoy soon normal life... or do you already? And how did the kids behave, did they take care of la pobre mama?

Un abrazo

Brikebrok said...

mi dispiace ! get well soon !