Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's all about trilingualism!

The new Winter issue of Multilingual Living is out and about!
You can subscribe to it on the BBFN website, and learn all there is to know about trilingualism.


SmE said...

any book recommendations for raising children bilingual? My husband if French and I am American that speaks a little bit of French (I understand more than i can speak). We are pregnant now...just trying to get a head start. any suggestions are appreciated. We have a subscription with this online magazine.

santi d said...

Nice article you wrote! It seems OPOL is still the best way for many families.

Clo said...

SmE, where are you living? Thanks for subscribing to MLL, I am sure you will find a lot of useful information. Check out also the websites I list in the "Multilingual Helpdesk" on the right hand side on my main page. I'm posting books recommendations asap!

Santi, thanks; OPOL makes a lot of sense, then again each family is so unique, it's a lot of gut feeling, isn't it?

SmE said...

Tampa Bay Area, FL

Thanks Clo!