Monday, November 23, 2009

Zeno and his gift for synthesis...

Milo and the Belgianite were having this lenghty conversation in Dutch about a kite-surfer who lost his kite during a lesson; they kept going back and forth and, at some point, I lost track of it and could not understand anymore.
Zeno was playing alongside with his Lego.
I snuck up to him and whispered:
"Zeno, cosa ha detto Milo?" (Whad did Milo say?)
and he replied:
"Ha detto kite-surf!" (He said kite-surf)

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giovanni said...

Ik denk dat ze zeiden:

-Hebben ze die plank teruggevonden?
-Dat denk ik wel...
-Dat weet ik niet...
-Waarom denk je dan dat ze hem hebben teruggevonden?
-Wat bedoel je?
-Gewoon, omdat het mij waarschijnlijk lijkt...

You must have two wonderful kids! And what a joy to hear them speak all these languages!

Un abrazo