Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If you're in Paris , go DULALA!

I had posted previously about a brilliant association here in Paris organizing language playgroups for multilingual families: it was called the Association des Familles Multilingues. It recently changed name, website and enlarged its scope: it's now called D'Une Langue A L'Autre (DULALA), if you are based in Paris or simply French-spoken, take a look at their sleek website! I recently joined their Research Committee and it's great fun to interact with the founder, Anna Stevanato, a fellow Italian woman who's a linguist and specialised on bilingualism, as well as the other members.

It's exciting to see how much has changed here in Paris in the last 5 years, that is ever since I started wondering about multilingualism: not only parents have now access to a plethora of information on the web as well as associations such as the Cafe Bilingue and DULALA, but the general media is also finally recognizing the changing demographics of France's capital and are investigating on the matter. If you understand French, listen to this (very French indeed!) podcast from Europe1, one the top French news radios, entitled: "Je veux que mon enfant soit bilingue!"


Sarah said...

The link to the page with the podcast doesn't seem to work--maybe it was only available for a limited time period? Would you mind double-checking the link, because I'm curious to hear the podcase! Merci.

Clo said...

Here is the link Sarah, don't know what happened in the post, will try to fix it! thanks for signaling that!

she_the_founder said...

Ha-ha! I'm not French, but I get the pun!

It just clicked in my head.

What does ou lalala mean anyway?

Do the French actually use it or is it just something stereotypical from America.

Clo said...

It's just the acronym of the association, as far as i know!

Early Education said...

Man, I wish I could be in Paris. I'm teaching French for my Kids. It's been a fun and interesting struggle so far.

If I ever am in Paris though, you've convinced me where I should go =)