Thursday, March 09, 2006

Daddy took the plane

"Il est parti Papá?" (Did Daddy leave?) asked me (in French) Milo yesterday morning upon waking up, and noticing his Dad was not around.

"Yes, sweetie, Dad left really early...he took the airplane to go in another city, for work" I replied (in Italian).

"Partito" (gone) he repeated (in Italian). And then added: "Papá aereo" (Dad airplane).

So we sat at his little blue table and I drew an airplane for him, which he colored enthusiastycally; I drew a smily face in one of the windows, and told him that there was his dad.

Shortly later, when the nanny arrived, he took her by the hand and brought her over to the drawing, pointing with his little finger at it:"
"Papá avion! papá avion"he told her (in French).

Last night at sleeping time he wanted to bring the drawing to bed with him. Before turning off the light he looked at the airplane one more time and he screamed, waving his hand:
"Ciao, ciao Papá!!".


Alice in Austria said...

Just like Isabella! Everytime she sees a plane in the sky she waves and cries "bye-bye abuelita" (grandma). These kids are so cute! :)

Lilian said...

That's so cute!! I have an anecdote from my son to share, but no time right now, I hope to be back for it, if now, remind, me, OK?

giovanni said...

Bello, bello! Kids express emotions right from the heart.
Yesterday evening I gave the picture to my aunt... and I showed her the picture of that young lady I wrote aout in my post of February 1 -- as you can see in my post of today.
Ciao, tuo figlio è un tesoro!

Tamar said...

Hello Clo, I am new to your blog and am delighted to have discovered it, since my husband and I are hoping to raise our children bilingual (we are not parents quite yet, but soon, we hope). I am a native speaker of Hebrew, but my husband is not and we presently live in the US, so I am concerned it will be difficult. I am so pleased to connect with others pondering the same matter! Congratulations to you on Milo's recent successes - how wonderful they are.

Clo said...

Alice, I am amazed at their ability to abstract and project, what a sense of imagination! Why od we loose that?

Lilian, do share your anecddote!

Giovanni, great posts, very emotional.

Tamar, by all means do not be discourtaged when the time comes. Your husband will learn along with the child, you'll see. Plus, you'll be able to reinforce the learning by connecting with the large community in NY, meaning you'll havve other sources for the kid to hear the language spoken. It will not be difficult, provided you're both moivated and you'll be consistent. And the results are worth the effort! Welcome at MTK!