Thursday, March 02, 2006

Multilingual Olympic Medal

The Olympic flame estinguished on Sunday night after two exctiting weeks, but the competitive spirit remains alive! In all honesty, we did not achieve ALL the goals we had set for ourselves, but the most important thing is that Milo's lingusitic development has literally exploded, and he has learnt an impressive amount of vocabulary in the past two weeks!

New words in Italian: libro (book), cucchiaio (spoon), pepipio (for pper favore, please), cacincia (for calzina, little sock), pacincia (for patatina, chip), blu, osso (for rosso, red) giao (for giallo, yellow), tappo (hood), amone (for amore, love), attento (be careful), letto (bed), iso (for riso, rice), etc.

Dutch: dicht (closed) , tekenen (to draw), ja (yes), ne (no), cadeautje (little present), etc.

French: bateaux (boat), train, pompier (fire man), parti (gone), pantalon (trousers), poussette (stroller), main (hand), pied (foot), tete (head) and more.

This morning while we were all getting ready he uttered his first mixed phrase , in Italian and Dutch: "Acqua piú...deur dicht!" (=no more water..the door is closed).

This medal is for you, Milo!


Alice in Austria said...

Congratulations Milo! YOu've learned quite a lot of new words there ... wow ... impressive! :)

Guillaume said...

Your penultimate sentence reminds me what my son (2 years and 2 month old and trilingual) told a few days ago:
Him: "Ouvre la porte"
Me: "Come si dice in italiano?"
Him: "Ouvre la porta"

(I know he is perfectly able to say "Apri"...)

Clo said...

Guillaume, which languages are you juggling with? English, French and Italian?

Guillaume said...

I speak Italian (even if I'm French), my wife speaks a cameroonian language and we live in a French-speaking environnement. I sometimes use some English with my son, but just as a game.