Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Olympic challenge : 2006 Multilingual Children’s Olympics

The Turin Winter Olympics will start in 3 days (on February 10) and will last for 2 weeks. I salute the Olympic spirit and embrace the Olympic Challenge proposed by the Multilingual Children Association, to engage in a two weeks of MULTILINGUAL CHILDREN OLYMPICS!

Our goals:

- We will teach Milo 1 new word a day in Dutch, Italian and French.
- I will learn basic Dutch greetings and small talks phrases.
- Milo’s Dad will carry one conversation a day in Italian with me.

Stay tuned for a gold medal performance!

Feel free to sign up for the challenge by visiting the Multilingual Children’s Association website. (Hosted in California, it has been founded by a Swedish woman who’s raising her daughters bilingual. This site fills a great gap in terms of information, resources and centralized forums among multilingual parents).


Alice in Austria said...

What an original idea! That's truly creative. Only I think I'll pass on this one and remain sitting in the observor's platform, lol. I have the impression that we have a lifelong, non-stop Olympic challenge going in on our family, with no break ever. Don't you ever get that feeling as well?? Sometimes I really wish for a break. But then Isabella says something brilliant, like "Papi esta mojado" (when in fact wanting to say "Papi esta enojado")!! Complete sentence in Spanish!!!!! Multilingualism is soo worth it ... tiresome, but worth it :)

Juliet said...

What a great idea! One day, when my boy finally starts talking, I may try something like it myself.