Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Day 1

The Opening Ceremony will be held tonight at the dinner table!
Some crepes flambées au Grand Marnier will symbolize the arrival of the Olympic Torch!
Napkins displaying the flags of our countries (Italy, Belgium, France and an honorary USA one as well) will remind us of our multicultural richness!
We will all swear to competing honestly and at the best of our possibilities, on De Cubertain’s credo that the important is to participate!
We’ll parade in the living room with our flags!
We’ll greet the imaginary spectators and feel moved to be there!

As for the challenges:

-My Dutch greeting of the day is: Ik spreek maar een klein beetje Nederlands (I only speak a little Dutch).

-Milo’s word will be: snow (neve (IT), nege (FR) and I have to check in Dutch)

-As far as the conversation in Italian, I hope to have something fun to report on next week!

Altius, Citius, Fortius!


giovanni said...

I wish I could see your Opening Ceremony on television! Snow in Dutch is "sneeuw", with a very long "e", which sounds as "a" in "make". And, but now I really feel like a teacher, neige in French is with "ei". Have a nice dinner! Saluti.
PS: Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Clo said...

Thanks giovanni, for the Dutch AND the French consultancy!!! I should pay more attention...Danke und tot straks!

Eddie Lin said...

Isn't Torino famous for chocolates and Ferraris? Did you have chocolates? Or pickles? Or tentacles?