Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Zeno 's first word!

I haven't written much about Zeno in his first year...he's been an adorable baby. He played it very cool his first six months, and then came out of his shell! He's a precocious walker, at 11 months (he actually took his first steps on my birthday! Attaboy!), and a fond explorer of the apartment! Sweet, smiling but stubborn, just like his brother! He's been singing a lot, saying the occasional ma-ma or pa-pa...but the other day, while observing very attentively his dad's laptop, the Belgianite challenged him:

Belgianite: " Zeno, dat is het computer...computer!"

And there he uttered his first intelligible word:

Zeno: "...computer..." (with a Flemish pronunciation)

Milo was amazed as well!

Milo: " Mamma, mamma, Zeno ha detto computer!"


Martina said...

Congratulations cloppy you have two amazing sons!!

Your Blog is very nice :-)

Big hug from Roma!

santi said...

Aw Clo .. seems Zeno is just as smart as his big bro!

Lilian said...

Oh, that's just so cute!! Such a complicated word as his very first one!