Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Milo’s first cross-linguistic jocke!

The sound ‘mooh’ in Italian is the equivalent of the cows’ sound ; in Dutch it corresponds to the adjective ‘moe’, which means tired.

Bedtime coversation:

The Belgianite: "Milo, betje moe ?" (Milo are you getting sleepy?)
Milo: "Ma papa, solo le mucche fanno mooh !" (Daddy, only the cows say mooh!) (He replies in Italian to his dad)

PS : The Belgian cows say 'boo'


Brikebrok said...

E i cani ? è anche divertente ! Lo sai come fanno in portoghese ?
ão ão ...

santi said...

*chuckle* verry cute!

santi said...

Ah suddenly remember Jo's confusion some time ago ... in French 'caillou' means stone, in Indonesian 'kayu' means a piece of wood. 'caillou' and 'kayu' are pronounced the same way ... it took him awhile to finally able to distinguish them. Still .. it was a cute mistake :D!

giovanni said...

PS2: And the Dutch cows do so too... But one small correction: it is "beetje" moe. Betje sounds like "little bed" though it's written as bedje. Dutch è difficile.