Thursday, May 24, 2007 English!

When we received the Chicco's bilingual farm in Italian and English, Milo was barely 1 years-old. I was thrilled at first, hoping that the toy would have been a smart ally to introduce Milo softly to speaking English. But over time I realized that he was mostly interested in the animal's sounds, and did not seem to be so aware of the two different linguistic registers available. I should have been more patient: the toy has been around for two years now, and these past couple of weeks he suddenly begun repeating the numbers in English. All by himself, without us prompting him! And he leart to count 1 to 10 in English! This has been a real door opener because now he is more keen in repeating other English sentences I occasionally present to him, or that he hears in the DVD 'Cars' (I cracked up at Santi's entry on the very same topic!). It would be the ideal moment to set up an English play group for him...but unfortunatelty I am lacking the most essential ingredient: time.


santi said...

Same here, Clo .. I was wondering about when Jo will start to play with his English speaking toys which were at home since he was 1 yo. Suddenly at age 3 he was very much into everything English and learned a lot from those toys.

Hope Milo will 100% recover soon!!

Marye said...

We are chileans and we are wondering that if there is any kind of schooling or clasess for our kids (3 and 4) so we can take them to the state from thsi January and so on....for a couple of weeks to start with.
If you know something please reply to