Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cafe Bilingue: tales form a multilingual French revolution

As posted here, my latest contribution to Multilingual Living was an article with an overview of multilingualism today in France. One of the best initiatives I wrote about is the parisian Cafe Bilingue, a series of periodical meetings held in Paris, allowing parents to exchange information and occasionally ask questions to experts. The founder is a remarkable woman by the name of Barbara Abdelilah-Bauer, a published author and an extremely active and convinced multilingualist! The article is kindly reproduced by the Familles Bilingues site (in English). I missed the last Cafe Bilingue since we were in Italy, but I count on attending the July 1st multilingual pique nique at the feet of the Eiffel tower! Will tell you all about it...


Martina said...

Hey Clo,

You have really a lot of visitors and your Blog is very nice:-)...more pics of Milo!!!! :-)

Big kiss,


giovanni said...

Seguramente será un pic-nic agréable sous la Tour Eiffel. Cuando te leo siempre surge el francés, irrémédiable... But I understand Milo is now getting into English. I hope he has fully recovered.
Un bacio

Brikebrok said...

Un pic-nic sotto la Tour Eiffel ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Clo,
Loved your article.
As my kids and us are getting more involved in bilingualism everyday, I am starting to wonder how we're going to manage both languages French and English. We do speak both languages at home but mainly English (which is not the aim of bilingualism really, oups)because we felt like they would understand better. However, since we came back from our holidays in France, they started to use French in their english sentences and repeat our words (is it the beginning of learning a second language ?). So now I am reading more and more articles about bilingualism. I'll take your blog as a reference now. Thanks for all those articles.
ps : yesterday Morgane (33 months) told us : this mornin' a wee girl pushed me at the playgroup and I tomber.I bumped my head and my cheveux sore ! (lol)