Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Milo's first mixed sentences!

It hapenned while we were in Italy: one morning Milo was looking for his teddy-bear and asked me:

"Mamma, dov'e' mon doudou?"

At first I thought the French possessive adjective 'mon' ad been sucked in by the French word he uses to call his teddy-bear (doudou). However, later on I noticed that he substitues the French possessive adjectives in Italian for all kind of nouns:

Milo: "Dov'e' ma macchinina?"
Me: "Si dice ' la mia macchinina'!"

Milo: "Quella e' ma copertina!"
Me: " Vuoi dire 'la mia copertina'!"

Generally once corrected he retains the concept. But from time to time he still sneaks a French one in the sentence!

His staffilococcus fight is not over yet, he is still taking antibiotics and one of the wounds is still open and secreting pus. He is overall rather lively and hasn't lost his appetite, but I cannot wait for this to be over, and so does he...


Brikebrok said...

Fai bene a stare attenta ! io qualche volta per correggere questo tipo di errore dico "non ho capito"... e cosi ci si rendono conto ... se non c'è il rischio di "entrare in automatico" : tanto la mamma capisce tutte 2 le lingue ...

Lilian said...

Oh, I love those mixed sentences! (well, I have to say that I just adore Italian anyway, I should read some Italian blogs so I could learn more -- I do understand basically everything)

i'm sorry he's still a bit sick -- I hope this goes away soon! Are you back in France yet?

Lilian said...

Sorry, your first sentence answers that question :)

Alice said...

Way to go Milo! Get well soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clo,
Hope you all fine now especially Milo. My Twins Morgane and Marion (nearly 3 years old) speak English all day long (8h per day) because their chilminder is Scottish but with us (French parents) they speak both languages at the same time. It is funny and cute. Marion told me yesterday : "Look mummy my toy is "cassé" (broken)" and Morgane : Maman, I want to eat the jambon (ham) and I don't like the champignons (mushrooms).
It seems that they finish their sentences in French and they have a cute scottish accent when they speak French.
Have a nice day and Milo, get well soon.
Sydney (http://lestwins.monbebeblog.com/)

Clo said...

Grazie Vera, hai ragione!
Lilian, thanks for your kind support! i love Portuguese too, next language!

Sydney, thanks for writing, it's so lovely to discover your blog and your daughters! I remember when you emailed me the first time! let's stay in touch!